Frequently asked questions

No, Manhattan Languages offer synchronous, or live, classes, i.e. you will be able to interact with your teacher and classmates. The classroom experience is replicated and enhanced in our classes. The only difference between our online classes and traditional face-to-face classes is that you won’t be able to shake your classmates or teacher’s hand, well, perhaps virtually!
No, we don’t use Skype, but we can if you are taking private classes and you feel more comfortable that way. We prefer to use software that is more appropriate for online learning.
All you need: • a computer, ipad or a smartphone (for certain exercises you might be asked, but not required, to use any two of these devices). • a reliable connection to the internet, • a google email account, • Install the software we use (very easy installation) • Attend our training session • and a real desire to study a language.
No, we don’t require a textbook. We will provide our own materials. We understand that buying a book can be a burden. In fact, in the New York City area you could pay 150 dollars or more just for the book.
Each class will have a maximum of six students. A minimum of four students is required to run a class.
The founder of the school is very involved in teaching these classes. However, there will also be other professors as well.
Just like the founder of the school, our professors are accomplished professionals in the field of language teaching. Some of them are working in elite private schools and elite universities in the United States. Some are in the New York City area, and some others might be in different parts of the world.
Yes, you will also have suggested activities to help you study and prepare for your lessons. More detailed information can be found in our class syllabus. During our community meetings your instructor will help you with tips on how to learn a language.
You will have the option to take a traditional tests, but it is not required. This is just so that you can track your progress and to give you an idea where you need to redouble your efforts. You will also be evaluated in more creative and appropriate ways for online learning. More detailed information can be found in our class syllabus.
You don’t need to be a computer genius to take a class like this. Your professor will guide you and help you with the technology requirements inherent to online learning.
No, there aren’t any hidden fees. You don’t even have to pay an enrollment fee.
Yes, we offer face-to-face classes. For now, this option is only possible for those who live in the New York City area. In the future, we will expand this service to offer face-to-face classes in other countries.
One of the many advantages of taking classes online is that you can take a class from wherever you are as long as you have an internet connection. However, if for any reason you need to miss a class, you will have access to the all the materials covered in class. You will also have access to a video of the class so that you can go over it. If you still have questions, you can book a 5-10 minute session with your teacher during the virtual office hours.
For private classes a 24 hour notice of cancellation is needed or you will be charged in full.

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